Chhath Puja: Can only women or men also perform Chhath Puja? Astrologer of Deoghar cleared the confusion..


Chhath is such a great festival in which along with the rising sun, the setting sun is also paid homage to. Among all the fasts of festivals, Chhath fast is considered to be the most difficult. More women participate in this festival than men. Mostly women celebrate this festival. In such a situation, a question comes to mind why do women participate more in this festival, can men also participate in this festival? In this regard, we talked to the famous astrologer of Deoghar….


Deoghar's famous astrologer Pandit Nand Kishore Mudgal has told the Chhath festival is going to start on November 17. This lasts for 4 days. Chhath Mahaparva is celebrated with complete purity. Lord Surya and Chhath Maiya are worshiped in this festival. On this day, mothers worship Lord Surya and Chhathi Maiya for the longevity of their children. Women participate more in this festival than men.

What does the astrologer of Deoghar say?
Astrology Acharya further said that women participate more in any festival. Men remain busy with outside work. Whereas during Chhath Puja, one has to fast without water for 36 hours. Only women can observe this difficult fast. Women have very high tolerance power. Whereas during Chhath Puja, a fast is observed to have children and it is the mothers who give birth to us. Therefore, women participate more in Chhath Mahaparva.


Can men also observe Chhath fast?
Astrologer says that of course, most women participate in Chhath Mayor. Only women observe Chhath fast. But it is not mentioned anywhere that men cannot observe Chhath fast. Men can also observe a waterless fast during the festival of Chhath.

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