Chhath Puja 2023: To please Chhath Maiya, definitely do these 4 measures, every wish will be fulfilled...


This great festival of Chhath, celebrated on the sixth day of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month, 6 days after Diwali, is celebrated with great pomp in the entire country. Suryadev and Shashthi Maiya are worshiped on this day. This is considered one of the most difficult fasts. There is a religious belief that the fast of Chhath is observed for the wish of having a child, for the well-being, happiness, prosperity, and longevity of the child. Although you will get a glimpse of this festival all over the country, but it is mainly celebrated in many parts of the country including many areas of Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh.


Pandit Devanand ji of Chitrakoot said that the worship of the Sun God on this day is considered special and by pleasing the Sun God, one gets freedom from Surya Dosha and gets the happiness of children, hence these measures must be taken to please the Sun God, so that May we receive the blessings of Sun God.

1. Methods for worshiping the Sun God
On the first day of Chhath Puja, wake up early in the morning take a bath worship Lord Surya, spread a white cloth on a plank, and place the idol of the Sun God i.e. photograph, etc. facing east. After this, get them bathed with Ganga water, offer clothes, Akshat, incense lamps, and especially red flowers, and offer jaggery. Sun God will be very happy.

2. Jaggery and rice solution
On the day of the Chhath festival, after taking a bath in the morning, offer Arghya to the Sun God and flow raw rice and jaggery in the flowing water. To please the Sun God, one should eat cooked rice mixed with jaggery and milk on this day. Sun God is pleased with this.

3. Chant with Rudraksha rosary
On the day of the Chhath festival, after offering Arghya to Suryadev in the morning, remember the established idol or Suryadev, face east and make a rosary of Rudraksha, and chant the mantra of Suryadev in each rosary, your wishes will be fulfilled.


4. Remedy of items of donation and water flow.
According to mythological beliefs, the results of any fast are best achieved only by donating. So please donate. By tying wheat and jaggery in red cloth and donating it, all the wishes are fulfilled. Also, on the day of Chhath, float a copper coin or a square piece of copper in flowing water, this reduces Surya Dosha.

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