Cherry Tomato Benefits: Cherry tomatoes keep away not only cancer but also heart diseases, know its amazing benefits...


Cherry Tomato Benefits: Tomato is the most popular ingredient used in Indian kitchens. It is a fruit that is often eaten as a vegetable and is known to enhance the taste of most dishes. People use it in both raw and cooked form. There is another variety of this beautiful fruit, called Cherry Tomato which is not so popular in India but it has many uses and many health benefits. These tiny tomatoes are widely used in dishes like pasta, baked savory dishes, sauces, soups, and salads. Let us know about some of its benefits-


Protect from diseases
Nutrients like flavonoids present in cherry tomatoes play an important role in fighting the components responsible for diseases like cancer and diabetes. Its compounds are also considered beneficial in controlling oxidative stress.

Make skin beautiful
The antioxidants and carotenoids present in cherry tomatoes help protect against harmful UV rays, which can cause dry skin, wrinkles, discoloration, and other skin problems, and help keep the skin hydrated.

Improve bone and heart health
Lycopene present in cherry tomatoes improves bone health and reduces the risk of stroke, inflammation, and blood clots. These small fruits are also beneficial for controlling blood sugar due to their potassium content which prevents heart diseases, thereby keeping the heart healthy.


Helpful in weight loss
Since they are low in sodium and saturated fat, they are perfect to include in your weight loss diet. In case of untimely hunger, instead of eating fried and sugar-based snacks, consume cherry tomatoes and the high content of fiber and water can keep you feeling full for a long time.
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