ChatGPT Update: ChatGPT rolled out the Connect Apps feature, and these users will get big benefits...


Ever since ChatGPT entered the world of Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI, everyone has become crazy about it. ChatGPT has recently introduced many of its new features. This includes the GPT-4o model and many other updates. In such a situation, the new feature of ChatGPT is Connect Apps which has been linked with Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive. This feature has not been officially introduced yet but has been rolled out for some users. Know further information about this feature.


These users can get the benefit of the new feature

It is being said in many reports that the Connect Apps feature has been rolled out for some users. ChatGPT enterprises or business users will benefit from this new feature. Users will get integration of Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive in Connect Apps. Through this new feature, users will also be able to access cloud files in ChatGPT. At present, nothing has been formally said about this by OpenAI.

What will be the benefit of the new feature?

ChatGPT can analyze documents, spreadsheets, slides, and other documents through the ChatGPT cloud integration service. Besides, users will also get the option of Samrajd. Through this feature, users can easily select any document and ask questions related to it. Earlier, users used to get the option of copy and paste, however, now users can directly select any file.


No announcement yet

There is no information yet from OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft regarding the Connect Apps feature as to who will be given access to it. Also, OpenAI has not shared any information about any kind of plan. In such a situation, we will have to wait for the connected apps.

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