Caution! Google Map is leading people to death instead of destination, keep these things in mind before going on a trip


Google Map Tips: Google Map has become an important part of people's life these days, but you should not completely trust the routes shown by it, otherwise there can be a big loss.

Google Map: After the existence of Google Map, people do not have to think before going to any unknown or new place. You just have to enter the location of that place on Google Map and then Google Map shows you the way to reach that location. You just have to follow the same route, whether you are in a vehicle or on foot.

The terror of Google Map
Earlier, when people used to go to a new place, they had to stop at various places and ask shopkeepers or local people for directions. After the advent of Google Map, people do not have to face this hassle. Google Map has always helped people reach their destination, but many times Google Map has also taken people to the brink of death. Recently, many such cases have come to light where people have put their lives in danger by using Google Map.

Drove them into the river instead of the hospital
The latest case is from Kerala. Here two boys going to the hospital were using Google Map, but instead of taking them to the hospital, Google Map took them to the river, due to which they got badly stuck in the strong current of the river. After getting the information, the administration reached the spot and took out both the boys safely with the help of ropes, which saved their lives.

Another case came to light from Kuruppanathara in Kerala, where 4 tourists were looking for a way through Google Map in a car and Google Map pushed them into the river. Later, the local people and the police saved the lives of the four tourists.

Do not trust Google Maps blindly

It has been seen many times that people blindly follow the route shown by Google Maps without knowing anything. This can prove to be dangerous for them. Before going to a new and unknown place, understand its route well, so that even if Google Maps does not support you on the way, you can still reach your destination.

Apart from this, keep the number of the nearby police station and hospital with you in the area you are going to, use them when needed. During your journey, keep asking the local people for directions to your destination. This will enable you to cross-check the information provided by Google Maps.

Keep these things in mind while using Google Maps

Know and understand the route well before starting the trip. Avoid taking the car on unknown and deserted roads.

Always keep Google Maps updated, so that you can know about the latest routes.

If Google Maps leaves you on the way, take help from the local people. Local people know that area better than Google Maps.

Many times we get stuck in a place where there is no internet. Because of this Google Map does not work. To avoid this, download and keep offline maps.

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