Buying Royal Enfield Classic 350 has become easy, you just have to pay this much


Royal Enfield Classic 350 is considered one of the best bikes of the company. This bike can now be purchased on easy installments. However, for this you will have to pay interest up to 5 percent.

Royal Enfield Classic 350: Royal Enfield bikes are very much liked by the youth of the country. The company's best-selling bike is considered to be Royal Enfield Classic 350. This bike has amazing features as well as a powerful engine.

Many people dream of buying this bike but due to being expensive, many people are unable to buy it. But now the company has introduced a great finance plan for customers, with the help of which this bike can be purchased on easy installments.

You will have to pay less than 2 thousand rupees per month

Talking about the price of Royal Enfield Classic 350, its starting ex-showroom price is Rs 2,24,755. Now you can buy this bike by making some downpayment. For this, you will have to pay Rs 1844 per month for 6 years at an interest rate of 4.99 percent. In this way, you can buy this bike on easy installments.

Powerful engine

The company has provided a 349 cc air cooled single cylinder fuel injected engine in Royal Enfield 350. This engine generates a peak torque of 27 Nm with a max power of 20.2 bhp. Apart from this, it is connected with a 5 speed gearbox.

Equipped with great features

The company has prepared this bike on the J platform. Also, alloy wheels with full LED lighting have been given in the bike. Also, tubeless tires are present in the bike. The company has provided twin gas charged suspension setup in the back with telescopic forks in the front of the bike. Also, the bike has an ABS system with disc brakes.

What is the price

For your information, let us tell you that the starting ex-showroom price of Royal Enfield Classic 350 starts from Rs 1.93 lakh and goes up to Rs 2.24 lakh. At the same time, in the market, this bike gives a direct competition to bikes like KTM and Jawa. In such a situation, this can prove to be a great offer for the lovers of Royal Enfield bikes.

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