Business Idea: This business is in demand for 12 months, can be started in Rs 50 thousand...


This business is online hoardings. In this digital era, an online hoardings business can prove to be a profitable deal for you.


This business earns huge income every month. So let us know how to start the business of online hoarding and how much can be earned from it. You can start an online hoardings business by investing only Rs 50 50,000.

Crores of rupees will be earned in just one year
You can start an online hoardings business by investing only Rs 50 50,000. In this business, you earn crores of rupees every month. Money is paid according to the size and location of the hoarding.

Know how this business was started
This work can be started with the help of marketing and technology. For this, you just have to create a website with your domain name. He will have to promote himself.

Initially, you should see where and how people are looking for space to advertise and you can contact them. This business progresses rapidly. Because every day people want to advertise sitting at home.

This is how it works
First of all the customer has to login to the website. After this, you have to go to the website search for your location (where the hoarding is to be installed), and select it. After the location is selected, a mail is sent to the company.


After that, confirmation of site and location availability is sent by the company, then artwork and orders come from the customer. An ID and password are provided to go live on the location site. Let us tell you that this company charges approximately Rs 1 lakh for installing a hoarding for a period of one month.
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