Budget Travel Tips: Not only country, but you can also travel abroad on a low budget...


Budget Travel Tips: It is good to travel, but if only one trip in a month spoils your budget, then you have to think many times before planning the next destination. So without any compromise, if you want to fulfill your hobby of traveling, then the tips given here can be very useful for you. Believe me, with the help of these tips, you can travel not only in the country but also abroad, that too for very less money.


Do planning in advance
Plan well in advance where to go for budget travel. Where to go, what are the options to stay there? Whether to go by flight, train or bus… plan all these things. Sometimes there is a difference in the prices of morning and night flights as well, so you can save money here too.

Travel in off-season
Yes, you will find it strange to hear this, but whatever destination you are planning, you can save a lot of money by going there in the off-season. You can get discounts not only on hotels or homestays but also on flight rates.

Stay in a hostel instead of a hotel
To settle the trip within the budget, stay in hostels instead of hotels. Apart from this, there is also the option of a lodge. By the way, nowadays the option of homestay is also becoming popular and this is also a much cheaper and better option than hotels. Where apart from staying, you can also do cooking according to your own.

Use public transport
The reason for booking a taxi or cab to cover tourist places is to use public transport if possible. By which you will save a lot of money on the trip.


Try street food
Wherever you go, try to try local street food instead of expensive hotels. Which are less in price than restaurants, as well as you can taste the authentic food of that place.

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