Bridal Dupatta Hacks: Fix your heavy bridal dupatta on your head in these ways, you will not have to handle it again and again...


Bridal Dupatta Hacks: Handling not only the lehenga but also its heavy dupatta at a wedding is a different kind of challenge. If it is not fixed properly, it keeps falling again and again. This not only causes confusion but there are also chances of the hairstyle getting spoiled. If you too are going to get married and want to remain stress-free in heavy lehenga and dupatta, then fix your head dupatta in these ways. Neither your hairstyle nor your look will be spoiled.

By the way, you can try this hack with a saree too. Let us know about these cool hacks without any delay.

Here are four ways. Let us know what to do.
First trick

In this, put at least five to six safety pins on the edges of the dupatta, and then put it on the head and place the clip between the pins. Two to three clips will be enough to set the dupatta.

Second trick
In this, apply two clips back and forth at two places in the hair. Then place the dupatta and tuck the safety pin and clips together at the bottom part of the dupatta. Your dupatta will lock perfectly.

Third trick
If you have made a bun hairstyle, then you have to pin it just above the bun and with the dupatta. Even with this, the scarf will not fall off the head.


Fourth trick
In this, the fabric of the front part of the dupatta along with the clip has to be attached to the hair. With this also there will be no need to handle the dupatta again and again.

All these tips are useful, if you are also going to be a bride, then surely these tips are very useful for you. Save them and enjoy the wedding boldly.

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