Breastfeeding: Mother should not take mobile in hand while breastfeeding, your health may deteriorate along with the baby


During pregnancy, a mother is very alert for her child. He has to make a lot of changes in his lifestyle. Not only this, but small things also have to be taken care of, but this much attention is not only till pregnancy, but the mother has to take care of many things even during breastfeeding, take care of a good diet and food as well. Does matter. Also, the mother should never use the phone while breastfeeding. This directly affects their child. Let's know how heavy it can be to keep the children with their phones in hand.


What is right?
According to experts, the phone should never be used when parents and children are around. The mother of small children can rest very little, as well as the phone should not be used while feeding the child.

Ruined life
We have many benefits from the phone, but many women use smartphones during breastfeeding. As soon as she pays attention to the baby. It increases the physical excitement of the mother. It is harmful to children.


These things affect
Using the phone during breastfeeding can spoil the posture of the mother and the baby. In such a situation, the mother may also have back pain. At the same time, the baby is not able to drink milk properly. Because of this, there can be trouble with the sleep of the baby. His health may also deteriorate.

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