Bones Health: Bones are becoming weak, so make these things a part of diet...


Healthy Diet: As aging starts, the bones start to feel weak as well. Sometimes there is pain in the hands, and in the legs, sometimes the back pain does not let you sleep, and sometimes it becomes difficult to sit with back pain. The reason for this problem can be calcium deficiency in the body. Especially those people have to suffer from these problems, whose diet lacks nutrients and the body does not get complete nutrition, due to which the strength of bones starts decreasing. Here some such foods are being told for you, on eating which weak bones will become strong again and you will get relief from pain.


 Foods For Bone Strength

Not only iron but spinach is also a good source of calcium. Calcium is found in plenty of it, which proves helpful in the formation of bones and teeth. By eating this, the body can get up to 25 percent of the necessary calcium. Apart from this, spinach is rich in fiber and a good amount of vitamin A is also found in it.

Dry fruits
Start including dry fruits in your everyday diet. By eating dry fruits, the body gets a good amount of magnesium and phosphorus, which helps in strengthening the bones. Along with this, bones also get calcium from dry fruits. Almonds, cashews, dates, peanuts, walnuts, etc. are full of health.

Milk and milk products
Calcium is being talked about and milk is not mentioned, how can it be so? Milk and milk products are rich in calcium (Calcium Rich Foods) which helps in maintaining the strength and structure of bones. If you eat fat-free milk and curd daily then your bones will start getting stronger.

Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids also prove to be very beneficial for bones. Especially fatty fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel can be made a part of the diet. Apart from this, try to include chicken in the diet.


Eggs rich in protein and vitamin D help keep bones healthy. However, to get the full benefit of the egg, you have to eat it whole, eating only the white of the egg will not work.

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