Body Smell: Why does the body smell in summer, not sweating is the reason behind it..


As soon as the summer starts, the sale of scents and deo increases. The reason behind this is the bad smell coming from the human body in summer. Crores of people live in this world and the body odor of every human being is different. Some have less body odor and some have so much that it becomes difficult to even stand near them in summer. Now the question arises why does the body smell like this? Is only sweat responsible for this smell or is there some other reason behind it? Today in this article, we will answer these questions of yours.


Why does the body smell in summer?
Body odour does not come only in summer but also in winter. It just happens that this smell is not very strong in the cold and due to wearing many layers of clothes by humans, the person standing nearby does not feel it. Actually, there are some special types of bacteria behind the smell coming from any human body. There are different types of bacteria on the body of every human being and when they mix with the sweat of a human being, then their smell becomes very strong and then it starts affecting the people standing around you.


How does everyone's body odour differ?
Along with millions of humans, millions of bacteria also live on this earth. These different types of bacteria are responsible for different odours emanating from the body. If there is a very bad smell coming from someone's body, then it may be that the disturbance in the FMO3 gene is responsible for it. On the other hand, fish odour syndrome is responsible for the bad smell coming from the body of some people. In the language of science, it is called trimethylaminuria (TMA). If this is happening to you then you should see a doctor because over time it becomes dangerous for the body. (PC. Social media)

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