Bluetooth Risks: You may not know these five disadvantages of Bluetooth..


You must be familiar with the name Bluetooth. Usually, all networked devices have Bluetooth. From mobile to speaker and tablet to computer, Bluetooth is there. Usually, we use Bluetooth to connect one device to another. Apart from this, many times we also use Bluetooth to transfer files. Bluetooth is a medium of communication and hackers also use this medium to hack you. In today's report, we will tell you about five dangers of Bluetooth.


Bluejacking is a method of cyber attack. In this, unknown people send files or messages to unknown people through Bluetooth and then hack their devices. In this attack, the important information present in your phone reaches the hacker.

This term is also used in Bluetooth hacking. With its help, messages, contacts, multimedia files, and other files reach the hacker from the device with Bluetooth support.

Bluebugging is a very old and effective method of hacking. With its help, hackers can take complete control over your device. After gaining control, they can use your device for calling, messaging, and data access.


Denial of Service (DoS)
Most attacks on Bluetooth devices are done with its help. Connection requests are sent to a device in bulk at the same time. This crashes the system and in the meantime, hackers gain access.

Bluetooth signal has a fixed range of about 10 meters, but hackers increase the range with the help of another device and extract data from the user's device.

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