Bloating In Summer: If you are troubled by the problem of bloating in summer then drink this desi drink


Bloating In Summer: Bacteria and viruses grow rapidly in rising temperatures. Many people also have to face digestion-related problems during the summer season. Many people get problems like bloating and acidity during this season. Because of this, it is advised to eat lightly in this season. Sugary drinks, junk foods and heavy meals can also cause bloating. That's why it is advised to avoid such things. You can also try some home remedies to deal with the problem of bloating.


Peppermint Tea
You can take peppermint tea. Peppermint tea relieves stomach problems. If you have a problem with bloating, you can also take peppermint tea. If you are troubled due to bloating in summer, then you can take a cup of peppermint tea daily.

You can drink lemonade. It removes the problems related to digestion. You can also drink lemon water in summer to get rid of stomach gas, heartburn, stomach pain and sour belching.

Isabgol and curd solution
Isabgol is very good for the stomach. Isabgol is very good for getting relief from diarrhoea. You can also take isabgol and curd solutions to deal with bloating. For this whisk Isabgol and curd together.

Celery Drink
To make this drink, you will need one glass of water, mint leaves – 5, one half teaspoon cumin, and half teaspoon celery. Boil all these things in the water. Sieve this water. After this drink this water. You can start the morning with this water. Apart from this, you can drink this drink after half an hour of eating or when you feel bloated.


Foods with potassium 
You can also take foods rich in potassium to keep the digestive system healthy. Things like lentils, bananas, dry fruits and spinach are rich in potassium. It removes the problem of bloating. (PC. Social media)

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