Bharat 5G Portal: Department of Telecommunications launches the 5G portal, will be helpful for IPR and 6G research..

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Bharat 5G Portal: The Department of Telecommunications has launched the Bharat 5G Portal. Dr. Neeraj Mittal, Secretary of, the Department of Telecommunications, launched the Bharat 5G Portal.


This portal was launched in the Bharat Telecom program (Bharat Telecom 2024). After the launch of this portal, there will be help regarding quantum, intellectual property rights, and 6G research.

Will make tasks like quantum and intellectual property rights easier

If you understand it in simple language, the Bharat 5G portal will be a one-stop solution for works like quantum, intellectual property rights, 5G, and 6G research.

This also includes the Future Tech-Experts Registration Portal in collaboration with PANIIT USA. The objective of this portal is to help the Indian telecom ecosystem achieve the goal of self-reliant India.

The objective of this portal is to promote India's 5G capabilities and drive innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing within the telecom sector.
Initiative for startup companies in the telecom sector also

Initiatives have also been taken for startup companies in the field of telecommunication. Dr. Neeraj Mittal, Secretary of, Department of Telecommunications, inaugurated the meeting connecting investors with prospective startup companies.

The title of the meeting was 'Bridging Dreams and Funding: Connecting Venture Capital/Investors with the Future of Startups'. More than 10 investors and capitalists participated in this meeting.

26 startup companies also presented their telecom products during the session.


India a reliable partner
Secretary of the Department of Telecommunications, Dr. Neeraj Mittal said that every country in the world wants to support India regarding 5G and 6G technology.

This is because the world has considered India a reliable partner. There are currently one lakh startups in India. In such a situation, this is a big opportunity for countries around the world to support India.

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