Bhai Dooj 2023: When is Bhaiya Dooj? On Yam Dwitiya, definitely eat at sister's place, know what will be the benefits...


Bhaiya Dooj will be celebrated on 15th November. Pandit Dayanath Mishra says that this festival reflects the unbreakable relationship between brothers and sisters. He said that this festival has been going on since the Satyayuga period. On this day, brothers go to their sister's house and take food after taking blessings. According to belief, this helps in maintaining wealth and happiness. Many people feed sweets according to the zodiac sign, but it is not so. Sweets may not be according to zodiac sign but definitely eat food at sister's place.


Must eat at sister's place
Pandit Dayanath Mishra says that this time the festival of Bharat Dwitiya will be celebrated three days after Diwali i.e. on 15th November. Which is also called Bhaiya Dooj in the folk village language. Actually its name is Bhrat Dwitiya. On this day, the brother goes to his married sister's house and gets an invitation from Kush. That means one receives blessings. Sister does not eat food till then. Unless the brother gives his blessings.

On that day, the brother goes to his sister with sweets, clothes, jewelery, and other things. Takes blessings from sister. He said that whether the brother is older or younger, it is mandatory for him to take the blessings of his sister.

It is very important for the brother to take food from his sister's house on this day.
On this day, it is very important for the brother to eat food or take food from his sister. One must eat the food given by the sister. He said that many people have a misconception that sweets should be eaten according to their zodiac sign. But this is absolutely wrong. There is no significance of amount in this.


Be it a brother of any zodiac sign or a sister of any zodiac sign, this festival must be celebrated. But yes, my sister's food must be eaten on this day. One must receive blessings from a sister. Due to this, Lakshmi continues to increase wealth and wealth and many other auspicious works continue to happen.
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