Bhai Dooj 2023 Horoscope: Bhai Dooj is auspicious for brothers and sisters of these zodiac signs!


Bhai Dooj, the festival of love between brother and sister, is on Wednesday, 15 November. This time Bhai Dooj can be auspicious and beneficial for people of 6 zodiac signs including Taurus and Virgo. The fame and fame of people of these zodiac signs will increase. You may suddenly get the benefit of money and gifts. Your relationship with family members may become stronger. Let us know from Dr. Mrityunjay Tiwari, Head of the Astrology Department of Shri Kallaji Vedic University, for which 6 zodiac signs the festival of Bhai Dooj can be auspicious and progressive.


Bhai Dooj 2023: These 6 zodiac signs will prosper
Taurus: The festival of Bhai Dooj will be auspicious for you. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family. It is a day of success in work and an increase in fame. There may also be sudden financial gain. You may get some good news from abroad. Married life will be happy.

Gemini: Bhai Dooj day can prove to be very good for you. There will be happiness and peace in the family. You will conquer your enemies. Money will be spent on this day, but there will also be financial gain. Your fame will increase through work and you will also get respect. Stuck tasks will be successful, which will relieve mental stress. You can have fun with friends on this day.

Virgo: On the occasion of Bhai Dooj, love between brother and sister will increase. Relationships will get stronger. You can get a gift today. The economic aspect will be strong. You will be happy to get old stuck money. Your position and reputation will increase on that day. Whatever work you do, there will be every possibility of success in it.

Scorpio: The festival of Bhai Dooj will be good for the people of your zodiac sign. You may get a good gift from your brother. You may receive some good news from your maternal home. You can plan to travel somewhere on Bhai Dooj. Your health will be good. This day will bring gifts of happiness.

Capricorn: The festival of Bhai Dooj can be beneficial for people doing business. Profits are expected from a business and financial point of view. Your bank balance may increase on that day. For those who are not married yet, a relationship may come. Some auspicious work may happen in your house. You will receive gifts from your family.


Aquarius: The day of Bhai Dooj can give happiness of promotion to the people of your zodiac sign. You may get news of your promotion from your boss. There is a possibility of an increase in your income. With this your financial condition will be better than before. Married life will be spent happily. On Bhai Dooj, you can achieve success in special work.
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