Beauty: To get a beautiful look, the trend of Permanent Makeup is increasing, before getting this treatment, know this useful thing..

Permanent Makeup: What people do not do regarding the look. Some work on makeup and some work on hairstyling. Some people even go for plastic surgery to look better. Now a new trend has started, which is called Permanent Makeup. Nowadays its trend has increased on many occasions. Women are especially resorting to this. Let's know what is this permanent makeup and what is its process and how much it cost to get it done...
What is permanent makeup?
Everyone wants to look beautiful. They want to maintain their beauty for a long time. In such a situation, permanent makeup is a very effective solution. In permanent makeup, the colour of the makeup is engraved in the outermost layer of the skin with the help of a needle. Along with this, work is also done on the shape of the face. There is a machine like a tattoo machine, through which these colours are inserted into your skin. The best thing about permanent makeup is that it does not wear off for a long time. In temporary make-up, you have to apply make-up again and again whereas this is not the case. Along with this, the colour of your face also remains for a long time. In permanent makeup, you can permanently hide the spots on the face.
Permanent Makeup Process
In the process of permanent makeup, pigment is delivered to the upper layer of the skin through a needle. No operation is required in this process.
There is no side effect in this process either. The maximum benefit would be to those people whose shape of their eyebrows is not correct and whose colour also changes. Eyebrows can be given a beautiful look with the help of a permanent eyelash joiner. Along with this, facial scars, spots and marks can also be removed with permanent makeup.
Permanent Makeup Cost
In permanent makeup, the cost of eyebrows and kajal goes up to Rs 12,000. If there is any stain on the face, then the cost of removing it is up to 5 thousand rupees. This means you can become beautiful by doing permanent makeup on your budget. (PC. Social media)

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