Beauty Tips: Use these household items for face cleansing, you will look different..


What happens if you don't keep your skin clean? The skin will start becoming lifeless. Pimples will start appearing on the face. Your face will start looking old at an early age. To avoid all these skin-related problems, skin cleanliness is very important. Our face is not covered, due to which dust gets accumulated on the skin. Therefore the face should be cleaned. Cleanse the skin at least twice a day. Always wash your face after waking up in the morning and before sleeping at night.


There are many types of face washes and cleansers available in the market to clean the face, but these face washes contain more chemicals. Chemicals can harm the face. In such a situation, you can use some natural things to clean the skin. Let us know which thing present in the kitchen works as a cleanser.

Can Multani Mitti clean the face?
Multani mitti has been used on the skin for years. Multani Mitti is beneficial in reducing the problem of acne and also for oily skin. You can also clean your face with the help of Multani Mitti. Follow these steps to clean the skin-

Mix a little rose water in two spoons of multani mitti in a bowl.
Mix these two things.
Keep in mind that this paste should not be too thin.
Now use this paste on the face.
While applying multani mitti, rub the face gently and leave it to dry for some time.
Wash your face with cold water.
The use of multani mitti also improves the complexion of the skin.

How to clean your face with the help of sugar?
Sugar is used in skin care. You can use sugar to clean the skin. Sugar works as a natural exfoliator, gently exfoliating the skin. Use sugar like this to clean your face-

Mix two spoons of sugar in a bowl, a little water, and olive oil or coconut oil.
Mix these three things well.
Now apply this mixture to your face and rub it in a circular motion for some time.
While cleaning, take care not to apply too much pressure. This may cause your skin to peel. (Tips for healthy skin)
Finally, wash your face with lukewarm water.

How to clean your face?
The face wash is used to clean the skin, but what happens when the face wash runs out? In such a situation, you can use oats present in the kitchen. Oats are beneficial for health. That's why it is eaten for breakfast. Apart from this, oats are also beneficial for the skin. Therefore, oats are used in many ways to keep the skin healthy. How to clean your face with the help of oats-


Grind one-fourth cup of oats in a mixer so that it turns into powder.
Now add curd and a pinch of turmeric to oats powder.
Mix all the ingredients so that it becomes a thick paste.
Now take a little paste on the palm and pour water over it.
Apply this paste on your face and massage for some time.
If the paste starts drying, you can add some more water.
Oats will clean the face. Also, if you have dark spots on your face, they will also become lighter.
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