Beauty Tips: These face packs made of basil leaves will take care of your skin in summer, and the face will glow..


The outbreak of summer is increasing in which the skin has to face problems due to heat, dust and sweat. Rashes, sunburn, tanning, acne, melasma and sun also cause many allergies in this season. It becomes very important to take proper care of the skin in the summer season. That's why today in this episode, we have brought you some face packs related to beneficial Tulsi which will help in brightening the face. Vitamins A and C present in Tulsi help in removing the spots of the skin. So let's know about these face packs...


Neem and Tulsi Facepack
A mixture of neem and basil can bring a glow to your skin. Neem can prove to be effective in cleaning the bacteria present on the skin. Using this, the spots on the face will be removed. To prepare this face pack, take an equal amount of basil and neem leaves. Grind these leaves well and apply them on your face. This will make your skin glow.

Tulsi and Honey Facepack
A face pack prepared with basil and honey keeps your skin hydrated. This face pack can prove to be very beneficial for those with dry skin. To prepare this face pack, grind some basil leaves well. Now mix this paste in honey. Now apply this mixture to your face for 20 minutes. After this clean your face. By using this face pack, a glow will appear on the skin. Along with this, the wrinkles on the face will also reduce.


Tulsi and rose water face pack
Rose water is mostly used in preparing face packs. Rose water brings a glow to your skin from within. To prepare this face pack, grind some basil leaves well. Now add a few drops of rose water to it. Leave this face pack on the face for about 15 minutes. After this clean your face. With the help of this face pack, your skin problems will go away.

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