Beauty Tips: Retinol is beneficial for the skin, but what is the right way to use it on the skin?


Skin Care Tips: It has become common to use things like rose water to vitamin E capsules in the skincare routine. At the same time, some people are also resorting to retinol. Retinol is considered beneficial for improving fine lines, pigmentation and skin tone on the skin. Actually, vitamin A itself is called retinol.


Although there are many benefits of applying retinol on the skin, it dries the skin. This is the reason why many people with dry or sensitive skin do not use it. Most people do not even know how to use it. According to skin experts, people with dry skin can also use retinol, but the right way to apply it should be known. Let us know how retinol should be used.

How to apply retinol
Dermatologist Dr Chitra has told about this by sharing a video on Instagram. According to skin experts, retinol should be applied once a week. Apart from this, after about four weeks it should be applied twice a week. According to Dr Chitra, people with dry and sensitive skin should apply retinol only 3 times a week.

How to apply retinol
Apart from this, he has also told me how to apply it to the skin. Dr Chaitra told that retinol should be applied with the sandwich method, which will help in reducing dryness. According to this method, a layer of retinol is placed between the moisturiser. However, some doctors advise people with dry skin not to apply retinol. Instead, doctors recommend using anti-ageing ingredients like vitamin C, low-strength alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or poly hydroxy acids (PHAs).

Bakuchiol is better for the skin
If you think your skin is really sensitive and don't want to try retinol, you can try bakuchiol, according to Dr Chitra. It is much milder than retinol, but just as effective as retinol. (PC. Social media)

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