Beauty Tips: Problems of oily skin people increase in summer, and these face packs will give you relief...


Oily skin is a common problem, which can be caused by overactive oil glands. The summer season is considered very bad for those with oily skin. Due to oily skin in this season, acne, pimples, pimples etc. can occur, so there is a need to take adequate measures to control the amount of oil in the skin. To avoid these, many people use chemical-rich products. But using them for a long time on the skin has a bad effect. In such a situation, today we have brought information about some such face packs which are made from natural things and using them will not only control oil but will also bring freshness to the skin. Let's know about these face packs...


Orange and Neem Face Pack
If your skin remains extremely oily, then neem works to reduce the production of oil. Along with this, it also removes pimples and pimples from the face. On the other hand, orange adds an instant glow to the face. To make this face pack, mix sandalwood powder, orange powder, neem powder and Multani mitti in a bowl. Now add a little lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey. Leave it on the skin for 20 minutes. And then wash with water.

Multani Mitti and rose water face pack
A face pack prepared with rose water and multani mitti can be very healthy for your skin. It is effective in removing excess oil present on the skin. Take 1 bowl for this. Mix 1 tablespoon Multani Mitti and a little rose water in it. After this apply it on your face and neck. Later wash the face with warm water. This can remove the excess oil present on your skin. Along with this, the glow of the skin will also increase.


Oatmeal and honey face pack
Oatmeal has the property of absorbing sebum, which removes excess oil present in the skin. This also clears your pores. On the other hand, by adding honey to it, it removes the toxin present in your skin, which makes your skin oil-free and clean. For this, first of all, put a bowl of oatmeal in a mixer and grind it well. Make a powder of oatmeal and put it in a bowl. Now add one spoon of honey to it and mix it well. Now apply this pack to your face. Then apply it well on the neck as well. After this leave the pack to dry for 15 minutes. Now clean both the face and neck with cold water. (PC. Social media)

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