Beauty Tips: Do you also have sensitive skin? So do not do these 6 mistakes even by mistake, otherwise, the result can be bad.


Sensitive Skin Care: If your skin is also very sensitive, then you should not do these 6 mistakes in your routine at all. Because these mistakes in your skin routine can spoil the beauty of your face.

Using Harsh Products: If your skin is sensitive then you should always use mild things. Using alcohol-based and harsh products can make your skin more sensitive.


Wearing new clothes without washing: If you wear new clothes like this, then the problem of sensitive skin can increase further. In this case, always wash new clothes in lukewarm water and wear them afterwards.

Bathing with hot water: Bathing with hot water can be refreshing and reduce the tiredness of your body, but people with sensitive skin should avoid bathing in very hot water, as it can make their skin more sensitive.

Not washing your face before sleeping: Experts also agree that you should wash your face with mild soap or face wash at least 2 to 3 times a day and especially before sleeping at night you should wash your face thoroughly.


Using ice: Yes, if your skin is sensitive, then you should not use ice, because it can increase the problem of redness and ice can also make your skin dead.

Scrubbing the skin frequently: People with sensitive skin should avoid exfoliating their skin frequently, as it can cause itching and redness. Always use natural chemical-free scrub only.

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