Banking: If the bankers do not do your work then you can complain to RBI, customers must know the procedure...


Bank Complaint to RBI: If you are not happy with your bank and the bank officials do not solve your problems, then there is no need to worry, this arbitrariness of the bank staff is going to be very heavy on them. If customers have any kind of complaint with their bank or any financial institution, if the bank or institution does not resolve it, they can complain to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).


RBI has created an Integrated Ombudsman Scheme for this, where you can easily lodge your complaint online or offline. On its platform, you can lodge complaints related to any bank or financial institution regulated by RBI.

What to do if you have a complaint with the bank?
If the customers of the bank or any financial institution have any kind of complaint, then you should first give the complaint in writing to your bank. If even after this no action is taken on your complaint, you can complain to the Reserve Bank.

How to complain-
To complain about your bank or financial institution, you will have to visit the portal created by RBI.

Click on File a Complaint present on the home screen. After which you will have to fill the security captcha.

After this, a new page will open where you can fill in your information and register all your complaints.

Here you can also demand compensation from the bank. After filling out your complaint, you will get a complaint number, through which you can check the status of your complaint later.

Complaints can also be made in physical form-
If customers wish, they can also complain offline in this Integrated Ombudsman Scheme of RBI. For this, you will have to send your complaint through post to the Centralized Receipt and Processing Center (CRPC), Reserve Bank of India, Central Vista, Sector 17, Chandigarh, 160017.


Your complaint may be canceled in these circumstances-
The RBI Ombudsman can also cancel your complaint at any time. During the investigation of the complaint, if it is found that the complaint has been filed without any sufficient reason or without any financial loss or if the Reserve Bank finds that there is no deficiency in the service of the bank or financial institutions, then it can cancel the complaint.

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