Banking Update: Those having more than one bank account, be careful, these 6 big losses can happen..


Do you have two bank accounts? Have you also opened your accounts in many banks? If yes, then first understand what could be the disadvantages of having more bank accounts. You may lose your hard-earned money. Especially professionals should pay great attention to this.


Actually, employees change companies many times in their careers. While changing companies, accounts are also opened in new banks for salary. Opening new accounts does not close the old account. One day it is revealed that one of the accounts has been defrauded. This can happen to anyone. If you also have more than one account and it has become inactive, then close them. Otherwise, there may be a big loss in the future.

The salary account gets converted into a savings account
If the salary is not received in any salary account for three months, it gets converted into a savings account. By converting it into a savings account, the bank's rules regarding the account change. Then banks treat it as a savings account. According to bank rules, it is necessary to maintain a minimum amount in the savings account. If you do not maintain this, you may have to pay a penalty and the bank may deduct money from the amount deposited in your account.

Will not get better interest
Having accounts in more than one bank can cause a big loss to you. To maintain each of your accounts, you have to keep a fixed amount of money in it. This means that if you have more than one account, your huge amount will get stuck in the banks. You get a maximum of 4 to 5 percent annual return on that amount. At the same time, instead of keeping money in a savings account, you invest it in other schemes, and then you will get more interest in the form of annual returns.

Credit score gets bad
Having more than one inactive account also has a negative impact on your credit score. Not maintaining a minimum balance in your account leads to a bad credit score. Therefore, never take an inactive account lightly, and close that account as soon as you leave the job.

Difficulty in filing income tax
Having accounts in more banks leads to a lot of difficulties while depositing taxes. One has to struggle a lot with paperwork also. Also, while filing income tax, information related to all bank accounts has to be maintained. Often collecting records of their statements becomes a very complicated task.

These are extra charges
Having multiple accounts requires you to pay annual maintenance fees and service charges. Apart from credit and debit cards, the bank also charges you money for other banking facilities. So here also you have to suffer a loss of a lot of money.


Risk of fraud
Having accounts in many banks is also not good from a security point of view. Everyone operates the account through net banking. In such a situation, remembering everyone's password is a very difficult task. By not using an inactive account, there are high chances of it becoming a fraud because you do not change its password for a long time. To avoid this, close the account and delete its net banking.

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