Banking Update: This government bank extended the festive offer till 31st March, loan will be available at the lowest interest...


Festive Offer: The public sector Central Bank of India has extended its Festive Offer by three months i.e. till March 31, to increase its retail asset book. Earlier this offer was valid till 31 December 2023.


Lowest interest rate on home and business loans
Vivek Kumar, General Manager (Retail Assets), Central Bank of India, said that the bank is offering low-interest rates, waiver of processing fees, and other facilities to the customers during this period. Cent Grih Laxmi Scheme and Cent Business Scheme are offering the lowest interest rates in the entire industry, starting from 8.35%.

Last week, the bank also held a meeting with leading real estate developers of Delhi-NCR. Around 150 Direct Sales Agents (DSAs) and 50 renowned builders from across the region participated in the event. He also said that interest rates on most products are at their peak and there is no possibility of further increase.


He said that on the liability side, the rates are also more or less saturated and the liquidity position is within manageable limits. On the co-lending model, he said the bank has built a substantial asset book through it.

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