Banking Update: SBI, PNB and HDFC customers will be able to withdraw this much money from ATM in a day, know what is the limit..


The limit of your Rupay card for cash withdrawal and purchase transactions depends on the bank. Apart from this, banks also impose daily limits for ATM and POS machine transactions and this may vary depending on the type of card. The annual subscription fee for RuPay Debit Card depends on the banks.


RuPay Debit Card is available in the following variants-
  government schemes

SBI Rupay Card Limit
SBI minimum transaction limit on domestic ATMs is Rs 100 and the maximum transaction limit is Rs 40 thousand. The maximum limit of daily online transactions is Rs 75 thousand.

HDFC Bank Rupay Premium Limit
The daily limit for domestic ATM withdrawal is set at Rs 25,000. The daily domestic shopping limit is Rs 2.75 lakh. Cash withdrawal facility can be availed at merchant establishments (POS) with a maximum upper limit of Rs 2,000 per day on HDFC Bank Debit Card. A maximum of Rs 10,000 cash can be withdrawn per month through POS.

PNB Select Rupay Card Limit
The per day ATM limit on PNB RuPay NCMC Platinum Debit Card is Rs 1 lakh and the per day POS/Ecom combined limit is Rs 3 lakh.

PNB has set the maximum cash withdrawal limit. The bank has fixed Rs 15,000 on PNB ATMs and Rs 10,000 on other bank ATMs.


Yes Bank Rupay Platinum card
The daily cash withdrawal limit of Yes Bank has been fixed at Rs 25,000 and the daily purchase limit at POS has been fixed at Rs 25,000. For salaried customers, the transaction limit on ATM and POS is Rs 75 thousand.

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