Banking: SBI, PNB, HDFC and ICICI Bank customers will have to pay this much charge for withdrawing money from ATM...

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All banks in the country offer a certain number of free ATM transactions to their customers every month. If this limit is exceeded within a month, customers will have to pay extra on every ATM transaction, be it financial or non-financial.


As per the latest guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India, banks can charge a maximum of Rs 21 on each withdrawal irrespective of the number of free transactions. Come, let us know which banks give a limit for how many transactions in a month and how much charge you will have to pay after that.

How many transactions will be free in a month?
Most banks offer customers 5 free transactions every month. If it is not used, this limit does not carry over to the next month. Come, let us know about the rules of some major banks in the country.

Punjab National Bank ATM
PNB allows 5 free transactions every month at its ATMs in both metro and non-metro areas. After this, customers will have to pay Rs 10 on each transaction. At the same time, at ATMs of other banks, PNB offers three free transactions in metro cities and five free transactions in non-metro cities. After this, the bank will charge Rs 21 plus tax for financial transactions. PNB will charge Rs 9 plus taxes for non-financial transactions.

State Bank of India offers 5 free transactions (including non-financial and financial) at its ATMs for an average monthly balance above Rs 25,000. Transactions above this amount are unlimited. There is a charge of Rs 10 along with GST at SBI ATM for financial transactions exceeding the limit. At other bank ATMs, it is Rs 20 plus GST per transaction.

ICICI Bank allows its customers 3 free transactions in metro areas and 5 in non-metro areas every month. After that, Rs 8.5 is charged for every non-financial transaction and Rs 21 for every financial transaction at ICICI Bank ATMs.


There is a limit of 5 free transactions every month at HDFC Bank ATMs. For non-bank ATMs, the limit is 3 transactions in metro areas and 5 transactions in non-metro areas. After exceeding the limit, customers will be charged Rs 21 for each financial transaction and Rs 8.5 for each non-financial transaction.

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