Bank Customer Rights: If the bank employee does not do your work, then complain like this..


But do you know that you can take immediate action against such employees who postpone your work during duty hours, RBI has given many types of rights to the bank customers and also many facilities, through which you can complain about this type of problem.


RBI has given many rights to customers
Actually, bank customers have to face such problems due to lack of information, because most people do not know about what rights they have to deal with such matters, whereas you can avoid such carelessness. By filing a complaint, action can be taken against the concerned employee.

Bank customers get many such rights (Bank Customers Rights), which the customers are generally not aware of. It is important for the bank to behave properly with its customers. If this does not happen, customers have the right to directly send their complaint to the Reserve Bank (RBI) if the bank does not behave appropriately.

Don't sit quietly after getting upset, do this thing
Due to a lack of knowledge of their rights, customers become victims of the careless behavior of the employees and keep wandering here and there for their work and keep waiting for hours. But if any such case comes to your notice in the future, then know that you can complain about that employee directly to the Banking Ombudsman and get a solution to the problem. All you have to do is not sit quietly when such problems arise, but if any bank employee delays in doing your work, then first of all go to the bank manager or nodal officer of that bank and raise your complaint. File a complaint.

These ways to complain to bank customers
Bank customers can also register their complaints on the grievance redressal number. In fact, almost every bank has a grievance redressal forum to resolve customer complaints. Through which immediate action is taken on the complaints received. For this, you can complain by taking the Grievance Redressal Number of whichever bank you are a customer of. Apart from this, facilities are also provided to lodge complaints by calling the toll-free number of the bank or on the online portal of the bank.


You can complain directly to the Banking Ombudsman
If you have faced this kind of problem and the matter has not been resolved even with all the methods mentioned above, then you can directly report your problem to the Banking Ombudsman. For this, you can send your complaint online. To register a complaint, you will have to log in to the website Then when the homepage opens, you will have to click on the File A Complaint option given there. Apart from this, complaints can also be made to the Banking Ombudsman by sending an email to To resolve the complaints of bank customers, RBI has toll-free number 14448, by calling which the problem can be resolved.
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