Banaras Famous Food: From Lassi To Spicy Peanuts, Don't Forget To Taste These If You Visit Banaras..


Banaras Famous Food: There are more than one places to visit in Banaras. There is a crowd of tourists throughout the year. You can visit the beautiful ghats and temples here, but do you know, apart from sightseeing, Banaras is also famous for food and drink. Let's know about the famous dish of Banaras...

Banarasi paan
Banarasi paan is famous all over the world. It has also been mentioned in songs from Bollywood to Bhajpuri. If you are going to visit Banaras, then definitely try Banarasi Paan.

Puri-Vegetable and Jalebi
In Banaras, people like to eat kachori vegetables for breakfast in the morning. Jalebi is eaten sweet with it. Due to this the taste of the food increases even more. Kachori-sabzi and jalebi will be easily available on every street in Banaras.

Banarasi Lassi
Tourists from India and abroad definitely taste the Banarasi Lassi. If you want to taste lassi of every flavor, then definitely enjoy the lassi here. You will find lassi of all kinds of fruits here in every season.

Chuda matar is a famous food of Banaras. Everyone likes to eat it in the winter season. If you go to Banaras, do not forget to taste it.

Spiced Peanuts
Spicy Peanuts of Banaras are very tasty. If you want to taste peanuts with onion, green chilies and coriander chutney, then you must visit Banaras. People like to eat it with Kulhad tea.

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