Back Pain: If you are troubled by back pain, then follow these easy home remedies to get relief from it...


Back Pain: The problem of back pain is common these days. There are many reasons for back pain. The problem of back pain is increasing in people due to increasing age, stressful life, or sometimes too much workout. Sometimes this pain increases so much that it is difficult to bear.


Sometimes, due to back pain, it becomes difficult to get up, sit and walk. In such a situation, you can get relief from back pain with the help of some effective home tips.

Massage with oil
The most effective way to get relief from back pain is to massage with oil. Use mustard oil for this, add garlic cloves in mustard oil, then heat it. Now massage the affected area with this, this will give you relief.

Sit in the correct position
Many times, not sitting in the correct position can cause back pain. Therefore always try to sit in the correct posture. While sitting, keep your back in a normal position and keep your head and shoulders straight.

Hot water and eucalyptus oil
Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a bucket of lukewarm water and take a bath with this water. This will give you relief from back pain as well as body pain. You will feel stress-free from this.

Do the exercise
To keep the body healthy, it is important to exercise regularly. When you go for a walk and do some stretching, it releases endorphins, which reduce the feeling of pain.


Apply warm compress
You can also reduce swelling by applying a warm compress. To get relief from back pain, you can use a towel soaked in hot water. This can give you relief from pain.

Turmeric and milk
Mix a pinch of turmeric and honey in a warm glass of milk. Drinking it regularly can provide relief from back pain as well as cough and cold.
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