Ayurvedic Hair Care Tips: If you want to prevent hair fall, then follow these simple steps...


Ayurvedic Hair Care Tips: Hair plays the most important role in enhancing beauty, but due to pollution, changing lifestyles, and wrong eating, scalp-related problems are becoming common. People with hair strength use expensive-expensive hair products, if you want, you can get rid of hair problems even at a low cost.


In Ayurveda, many measures have been given to keep the hair healthy, by adopting which you can get rid of the problem of hair. Let's know...

Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C. Scalp-related problems can be overcome by its use and your hair can be strengthened. It is also helpful in providing relief from dandruff. Amla provides essential nutrients to the hair.

Bhringraj is very beneficial for keeping hair healthy. It is helpful in hair growth and prevents premature graying. If you use Bhringraj for hair, it prevents hair fall.

Onion juice
Onion juice contains sulfur, which prevents hair breakage and thinning. It is very beneficial for hair growth. The antioxidant properties present in it helps in preventing premature graying of hair. Onion juice controls hair fall.


Shikakai is used in many shampoos and conditioners. It cleans the scalp well. If you have an itchy hair problem, it helps calm it down as well. You can use the Shikakai hair pack for hair strength.

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