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ATM Fraud Case: Recently, Ghaziabad Police caught a gang involved in withdrawing money from an ATM, whose method has surprised even the police. The fraudsters committed the fraud with such different and clever planning that even the police could not believe that someone could carry out such a fraud.


Fraudsters used Feviquick for this and through it, they stole lakhs of rupees from people's bank accounts. According to the police, the fraudsters adopted a very unique method for this.

Committing fraud by posing as fake bankers-
According to reports, a gang was active in many areas of Ghaziabad, which used to commit fraud by visiting ATM locations and posing as fake bankers. For this, first of all, he used to install Feviquick in the cord reader space inside the ATM. And they used to write a number in that ATM to call in case of any emergency.

After this, when a person went to the ATM to withdraw money, as soon as he swapped his ATM card in the card reader, he would get stuck due to the Feviquick installed in the card reader. In such a situation, the troubled person would then contact the number written on the ATM.

After contacting him, a gang of vicious criminals, posing as bankers, would reach the ATM, and then in the name of withdrawing the ATM card, they would ask the person for a PIN number, etc. And during this time his ATM was replaced. And later they would withdraw the money again. If they could not change the ATM, then they would get the details and commit online fraud.


What to do if you become a victim of fraud-
According to RBI guidelines, the customer should immediately file a complaint with the bank as soon as the fraud occurs. Because after the complaint is filed, the entire responsibility of the transaction rests on the bank. But if you delay in filing the complaint then the responsibility becomes on the customer. In this situation, the legal obligation to refund does not apply to the bank.

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