ATM Card Tips: ATM card holders get a free benefit of Rs 5 lakh, which most people are not aware..


Whenever you open a bank account, you get a debit card along with the bank account. With the help of debit cards, most of people either make online payments or withdraw cash from ATM machines.


But very few people know that a small ATM card is of great use. With the help of your ATM card, you can get insurance up to Rs 5 lakh, free food to free unlimited WiFi without spending anything.

​Free Insurance with ATM Card-
Everyone has an ATM card, but very few people know about the facilities available with it. Let us tell you that customers get insurance ranging from Rs 25 thousand to Rs 5 lakh on ATM cards/debit cards. However, very few people know about this facility and are able to take advantage of it. The benefit of insurance up to Rs 5 lakh on ATM cards is available to those people who use their ATM card for at least 45 days. This insurance facility is available with the ATM card of any government or non-government bank. The insurance amount is determined according to the category of ATM.
How much insurance on which card?
The insurance amount is decided according to the category of ATM card. For example, insurance up to Rs 1 lakh is available on the Classic ATM card, whereas insurance up to Rs 50 thousand is available on the MasterCard. Similarly, insurance up to Rs 2 lakh is available on Platinum Card and maximum insurance up to Rs 5 lakh is available on Platinum Master Card. Similarly, cardholders get insurance cover of Rs 1.5 to 2 lakh on Visa cards.

​Free food and drinks with ATM card-
If you ever go to the airport, you can avail the services of Airport Lounge Access with the help of your ATM card. Generally airport lounges are quite expensive, but you can avail these services for free with the help of your ATM card. In fact, many banks and card companies provide free lounge access to their customers. If you have Swadeshi Card Network RuPay's Platinum Debit Card, you can get access to the airport lounge.


Apart from this, you get the facility of complimentary access to the airport lounge on all the credit-debit cards like Cashback SBI Card, HDFC Bank Millennia Debit Card, ICICI Coral Credit Card, ACE Credit Card, Axis Bank Credit Card. However, the number of complimentary accesses is fixed with each card. Some provide the facility of 4 accesses in a year and some 8 accesses. You should inquire about these services from your bank in advance before entering the lounge.

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