Astro Tips: Single people should do these measures in the month of Kartik, they will soon find their life partner... 


This year the month of Kartik has started from 29th October. This month is very dear to Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi. According to the astrologer, worship of Tulsi in the month of Kartik also has special significance. By worshiping Tulsi as per the rituals in the month of Kartik, one gets wealth. With this, all the wishes are also fulfilled. Along with this, by marrying Tulsi in the month of Kartik, unmarried girls not only get a suitable groom and unmarried grooms also get a suitable daughter.


Pandit Avinash Mishra said that the month of Kartik started on 29th October. Kartik month will last till 27th November. According to belief, worshiping Tulsi ji along with Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi in the month of Kartik brings rain of wealth. Also, if someone is facing financial problems, then worshiping Tulsi Mata as per the rituals will remove the financial problems. Get married to Saligrama and Mother Tulsi. In the month of Kartik, keep a lamp lit near Tulsi every morning and evening as per the rituals. By doing this Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi will be pleased. The marriage of Lord Shaligram and Mother Tulsi is done in the month of Kartik itself.


Marriage of Tulsi and Shaligram Lord
According to the astrologer, it was told that the family whose son and daughter have not been able to get married for a long time. If these families perform the marriage of Lord Tulsi and Shaligram in this Kartik month as per the rituals, the marriage of their son and daughter gets done quickly. If the girl gets a suitable groom, the boy gets a good daughter.
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