Astro Tips: Is it very auspicious to wear this metal bangle in hand? Defects will be removed from the horoscope..


Benefits of Silver Kada: Nowadays wearing Kada in hand is in fashion. Boys or girls are very fond of wearing bangles made of gold, silver, or other metals. However, the purpose behind wearing it is not only for fashion but also to remove Vaastu defects. Actually, in astrology, Kada is considered to be directly related to the planets. This is the reason why men are advised to wear kada in their right hand. By doing this one gets relief from many defects present in the horoscope. Moreover, it overcomes failure and leads to success. However, you will get its benefit only if you wear the right metal bangle in your hand. Now the question is which metal bracelet is auspicious to wear on hand? What are the benefits? On which day should the bracelet be worn? Astrologer of Unnao Pt. Rishikant Mishra Shastri explains these questions in detail –


Which metal bracelet should be worn?
According to Astrologer Pt. Rishikant Mishra Shastri, if you want to wear a bracelet in your hand then it is important to show your horoscope first. Because many people wear bangles of any metal without thinking, which is wrong. You may also see losses due to this. In such a situation, it is important to wear the bracelet as per the advice of astrology. Even if you are not able to do this, you should wear a silver bracelet. Because wearing a silver bracelet is not going to cause any harm to you. Let us tell you that wearing a silver bracelet provides relief from the planet. Also, there is always no shortage of money in the house.

What is the importance of silver in astrology?
According to astrologers, wearing a silver bangle in hand is very auspicious. Actually, silver is considered to be directly related to both the Moon and Venus. With the cooperation of these two, the position of the planets becomes stronger. Because, if the Moon is auspicious in your horoscope, your health will be better. At the same time, due to the favorable position of Venus, you can achieve prosperity. Besides, wearing a silver bangle will bring you happiness, prosperity, and fame and the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi will remain upon you. In such a situation, silver should always be worn on Monday or Friday. Because there are blessings of the Moon on Monday and blessings of Venus on Friday.

Benefits of wearing silver in astrology?
Wearing silver keeps the mind calm and concentrated. Silver is considered a metal that provides coolness. In such a situation, by wearing this you can keep your anger under control. Apart from this, wearing silver reduces the restlessness of the mind which brings stability in marital life. Wearing a silver bracelet keeps away problems like colds and coughs and also prevents skin-related problems.


What is the importance of silver in Vastu Shastra?
In Vastu Shastra, silver is considered a metal that increases the transmission of positive energy. According to this, wearing a silver bracelet removes all kinds of negativity from your life. And the negative thoughts coming in the mind go away by wearing silver. According to Vastu Shastra, wearing a silver bangle on Friday is considered auspicious. Before wearing it, definitely take advice from an astrologer.
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