Apps Malware: These 12 apps are dangerous for the phone, delete them immediately..


Apps are essential for any phone because they are needed for different purposes. But sometimes it also turns out that some apps are quite dangerous for us. It turns out that apps are a threat to our phone's data. Meanwhile, a scary thing has come to light again. It has been revealed that there are 12 such apps on Play Store that are stealing photos and other data from our phones. McAfee has released a list of some such apps which have been called ‘Xamalicious’.


According to the company, malware-infected apps use 'social engineering' to gain access to phones, allowing the device's users to communicate with command-and-control servers without their knowledge.

Meanwhile, the fraudster downloads another payload on the phone and takes complete control of the phone. Then he clicks on the advertisement and installs the app without the user's consent. Let us know which apps are included in the list.

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Logo Maker Pro
Count Easy Calorie Calculator
Sound Volume Extender

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It has been said in the report that this app is targeting about 3,27,000 devices. Among these apps, there are three such apps that have been downloaded by 1,00,000 people. The company has strictly said that these apps should be deleted from the phone immediately.

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