Apple Card: What is Apple Card, through which users get benefits like cashback and discounts..


Keeping and managing cash is a difficult task. This is the reason that keeping in mind the convenience of the user, banks give the option of credit and debit cards to the user. Online payment can be done only with the help of credit and debit cards.


In the absence of cash, credit and debit cards become a great convenience. Along with this, a credit card also matters for the user for needs like taking a loan in the future. Paying bills on time builds a good credit history.

Apple users get a special facility
Credit and debit cards are used only to manage the spending and finance of the user. Just think, if the facility of credit card is available in the wallet app of the phone itself, then how many things will become easy?

For iPhone users, this facility is provided by the iPhone maker company Apple. Yes, the company offers an Apple Card facility for iPhone users.

What is Apple Card?
Apple Card works like a credit card. This card is issued by the iPhone maker company iPhone itself. This card is offered for the convenience of the user. Apple Card facility is provided by Apple for the user to manage their expenses and finance properly. The user gets many benefits from using Apple Card.

What are the benefits of an Apple Card?
Apple Card can be used without any annual fee. Along with this, the user does not have to pay any kind of late fee for using Apple Card. Apple Card can be used for transactions outside the country in any other country, Apple does not levy any kind of charge on foreign transactions.

Daily cash rewards are also given to users using Apple cards. The user gets the benefit of 3 percent daily cash back on the use of an Apple Card. This daily cash-back reward can be availed if the user uses the card while paying for any app from the App Store.

Apple also gives the option of saving accounts to its users. Interest can also be availed by depositing daily cash. Once the account is set up, Daily Cash automatically gets added to the account. Applying for Apple Card can be done from iPhone or iPad through the Wallet app. With Apple Card, the user can also get information about his real-time speeding.

Not only this, the facility of Apple Card is useful only for buying any product of Apple like Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. An interest-free monthly payment option is available with the help of the card. The installment automatically appears in the Apple Card statement when the product is purchased.


How to use Apple Card?
For this, the user has to use the Wallet app only. Here after selecting the Apple Card the application process has to be completed.
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