Anti-Tan Mask: Say goodbye to expensive creams and face packs and make glowing anti tan face masks with the peels of these vegetables.


Instead of going to the parlour and spending money on expensive detain or glowing hydrating masks, you can not only remove tanning, wrinkles or spots from the face by making various types of hydrating masks at home but also restore the lost moisture of your face...

Incorporating vegetable peels into your skincare routine can be an inexpensive, natural and effective way to maintain healthy skin. Everyone wants to have flawless and glowing skin, but it is not always easy to maintain it, because every time one cannot afford to buy expensive skin care products or go to the parlour. That's why you can make a wonderful magical face mask at home with the peels of vegetables.


For this, you can apply these peels directly on the face like a pack by taking a disposable face mask online or without using it, so let's know which vegetable or fruit peels will give you a natural glow.

Potato Peels:
Potato peels are rich in vitamins B and C, which can help in lightening skin tone and reduce dark circles under the eyes. They also contain potassium, which helps in retaining the moisture of the skin. Not only this, but it also removes sunburnt skin and tanning. Next time you are about to throw away those potato peels, think twice and use them to get your skin glowing again.

Banana Peels:
Anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties are found in the banana peel. These properties can help repair the skin by destroying acne-causing bacteria. For this, you can grind the banana peel and apply its face pack on the face or you can use the peel by rubbing it directly on the affected skin.


Orange Peels:
Fibre, vitamin C and polyphenols are found in abundance in orange peels. These peels can be cleaned and consumed. It is helpful in improving the face, anti-ageing and removing spots. Dry its peel in shade and make powder.

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