Android 15: You will be able to track your stolen phone even after it is switched off, Google is working on a new feature..


Google has slowly started releasing the Android 14 update. Pixel and some premium phones are getting this update. Now Google has also started working on Android 15. It is being said that Android 15 will be introduced with many such important features that every Android user needs for a long time.


You will be able to archive apps in Android 15
According to the report, Android 15 will be introduced with the Apps Archive feature, which means you will be able to save those apps in the archive. In such a situation, you will not have to delete the apps and space will also be saved in the phone, although there is a condition with this and that is that only the apps downloaded from the Google Play Store can be archived. Apps downloaded from any third-party store will not support the archive feature.

The tracking feature will work even after being switched off
Regarding Android 15, it is also being said that it will be launched with the most important features to date. At present, Android phones are searched with the help of Find My Device, but for this, it is necessary for the phone to be on. With Android 15, the company will eliminate Find My Device.


It will be replaced by a Bluetooth tracking system. With Android 15, some changes will have to be made in the hardware also, after which the Bluetooth control of the phone will work even after the phone is switched off and with the help of this the phone can be tracked. Its support will be available first for Pixel phones.

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