IRCTC: Railways is giving a chance to visit a place like Maldives, the tour is for 6, 6 nights and 7 days...


Andaman Trip With Irctc Three Amazing Packages: Many people have a desire to travel abroad. But due to budget or any other reason they are not able to go outside the borders of the country. In this age of the internet, such people enjoy watching foreign locations on mobile. Let us tell such people that in India too, there are many amazing, wonderful, and attractive tourist destinations that feel like heaven, to see millions of foreign tourists come here.


These are those locations where you can travel on a low budget and get the feeling of traveling abroad. IRCTC has brought a wonderful package for travel lovers, especially for the people of UP who can visit beautiful places like Andaman and Nicobar which look like Maldives.

Amazing package of IRCTC-
If you also want to travel on this low-budget package, then let us give you complete information. IRCTC has launched air travel packages from Lucknow. This package is for 6 nights and 7 days. This extremely comfortable and luxurious trip includes beautiful places like Havelock, North Bay Island, Port Blair and Rose Island, Cellular Jail, and Corbin Cove Beach. In this package, first, you will be taken by flight from Lucknow to Kolkata and then to Port Blair.

Choose your favorite package in the first three months of the new year-
You can avail of this package for any month of January, February, or March. The first journey of this package will start on 13 January. The journey of the second package will start on 10th February and the journey of the third package will begin on 1st March. If you are going alone, your total fare will be Rs 76850. The fare for two people will be Rs 59950. Whereas the fare for three people will be Rs 58500, the fare with children along with bed will be Rs 51400 and the package without a bed will be Rs 47850. Those planning to travel on this package in February will have to pay the same price. However, if you book this package for March, you will be given some extra discount. This package will cover the entire cost of your round-trip ticket, food, hotel stay, and transportation from the company. If we talk about value addition i.e. getting something extra, then in this package you will be taken to the world-famous locations of Kolkata.


Know about the package-
Under this package, you will get confirmed flight tickets through Indigo Airlines (Lucknow. Port Blair and Port Blair. Lucknow via Kolkata). In this package, you will be allotted luxurious AC rooms. (3 nights in Port Blair, 1 night in Nile, and 1 night in Havelock). On a sharing basis, you will be taken to all the tourist destinations in AC vehicles. You will also have insurance for this trip. You can book this package on the IRCTC website.
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