Amrit Udyan: Mughal Garden to Amrit Udyan, know its interesting facts here...


Amrit Udyan: The most tender and wonderful creation that nature has given birth to on earth from its womb, are flowers. Colorful flowers may be very delicate, but with their beauty, fragrance, and virtues, they immediately defeat the beholder and make them their own. The beholder silences the person, for a few moments his communication with others is cut off and when the words emerge from his mouth born of his feelings, they are simply overflowing with the praise of flowers. Bowing down before their beauty, it is as if a person wants to make a garland by threading his words and wants to offer it to flowers only.


While walking among hundreds of varieties of flowers planted here, every breath will feel like drinking the nectar of clean air. Anyway, the garden increases the age just like the aroma. Struggling with pollution for 12 months, Delhi-NCR is having the same experience amidst nature in Amrit Udyan, which has been open for two months. It will be called a change of name only that this time all the records of tourists coming here are being broken. About seven lakh tourists have come so far. The love of nature of every age group, children, youth, and old people is amazing, there is joy, there is enthusiasm. Even children are understanding the language of the beauty of flowers. The flowers are with silent smiles and the children are giggling at them.

When the country's first President opened the doors of this 15-acre garden to the general public, the process of making it flourishing President has been going on. According to Horticulture Department official Avnish Kumar, this garden has been getting something new during the tenure of all the Presidents. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam developed an herbal garden, tactile garden, and spiritual garden here during his time. The spiritual garden is an inspiration to integrate the beliefs of all the religions of our country in one garden where along with Kamandal, and Kalpavriksha you will also see Christmas trees. Similarly, there is no such herb in the herbal garden, which is not grown here, medicinal plants that flourish only in the mountains also serve as medicine for many people from here. In a way, it is an open institute of Ayurveda. Where there are medicinal plants suitable for the treatment of sugar, blood pressure to cancer. Several changes were made to the garden by Pratibha Patil and Ramnath Kovind as well.

It is challenging in itself to irrigate the plants that come from the soil of the country and the world with the soil, manure, water, but the way you feel connected with your relationships, in the same way, if you nurture them, then you will understand the need of every plant. . Here, every gardener has a motherly feeling towards each and every tree and plant. From seed to seed, that is, from a seed a fruit flower originated, and then from that seed it became a plant. This cycle continues here.


Here it is about the garden, not about any single flower. It is seen from the point of view of a family, only then generations are seen living their lives here. They also give us a message that when seeds and plants from different soils live here together in harmony, then why not humans? In the gardens, there is maximum attraction towards roses and tulips. In Kashmir, a garden full of this flower is visible in April, but here flowers bloom since February when the nectar garden was opened. Today, 40 people are employed here to maintain the entire garden in 15 acres.

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