Akshardham Mandir: The world's largest Hindu temple where Rishi Sunak came to visit, know the specialty of Akshardham..


Akshardham Mandir: The eyes of the whole world are fixed on India at this time. Actually, India is currently hosting the G20 Summit. This global conference started on 9th September in the capital Delhi. Today is the second and last day of this summit. Delegates from many countries have reached India to attend the summit. In the same sequence, Rishi Sunak of Indian origin also reached India with his wife for the first time after becoming the Prime Minister of Britain.


During this time, before the start of the second summit, he along with his wife Akshita Murthy reached Akshardham Temple in Delhi. Rishi Sunak, who reached the temple, performed puja during this time and took the blessings of Swaminarayan. Akshardham temple is very famous across the country. Every year a large number of people come here to visit. If you are also planning to see this temple, then let us tell you about the important things related to this temple-

This special record is in the name of the temple
Akshardham Temple, located near Commonwealth Khelgaon, Delhi, is also known as Swaminarayan Temple. This temple was inaugurated on 6 November 2005, after which it was opened for darshan on 8 November 2005. Spread over about 100 acres of land, this temple is known as the largest Hindu temple in the world. Not only this, the temple has also registered its name in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest Hindu temple.

These are the specialties of the temple
This temple wins everyone's hearts with its beauty. It is also known for its beautiful architecture. The temple depicts 10,000-year-old Indian culture and spirituality. The special thing is that the temple was built without using steel, steel, or concrete. This temple is built using pink sandstone and white marble.

The temple was completed in five years
This temple, which was completed in five years, was built by about 11,000 artisans. The temple has 234 carved pillars, 9 domes, and about 20 thousand statues of sages and gods and goddesses. Every year lakhs of people come here to visit this 350 feet long, 315 feet wide, and 141 feet high temple.

When can you visit?
After knowing about the beauty of the temple and its specialty, if you are planning to go here, then now also know about the things related to coming and going here. Akshardham Temple opens for darshan at 9.30 a.m. and remains open till 8 p.m. However, entry here closes after 6 pm. Entry into the temple is completely free. Apart from its beautiful structure, this temple is also known for its water show, which people come from far and wide to see.

When can you watch the water show?
There is also a theater present in this temple, where a water show is organized every day in the evening. This show is quite famous, and a huge crowd of people gather to watch it. Its first show starts soon after sunset. However, more than one show may be organized during weekends or public holidays. Currently, the show's timing is 7:15 p.m. You will have to buy tickets for the show, the price of which is as follows-

Adult (Age 12+) – Rs 90
Senior Citizen (Age 60+) – Rs 90
Children (age 4 – 11) – Rs 60
Children (under 4 years) – Free

These things are banned in the temple-
If you are planning to visit the temple, then before entering the temple, also know about the things that are prohibited to be taken into the temple premises. You have to deposit these things in the cloakroom. Following is the list of things banned in the temple-

food and drinks
Many personal items including tobacco and drugs
All types of bags, purses (shoulder/hand-held)
Any kind of electronic device (mobile, camera, pen drive, hands-free, etc.)
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