Air Pollution: Toxic air can also damage the lungs of the baby in the womb! Pregnant women should do this work immediately..


How Pollution Impacts Pregnant Women: The air quality in Delhi-NCR has become very bad. In many places, the Air Quality Index (AQI) has crossed 500 and 600, which is a very serious level. The air of nearby cities including Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Gurugram is expected to remain poisonous for the next few weeks. Health experts have warned that this much air pollution can be extremely dangerous for people's health and the number of patients in hospitals may increase in the coming days. According to experts, air pollution can be extremely dangerous for pregnant women and the child in their womb. In such a situation, pregnant women will have to protect themselves from poisonous air at all costs. Today we will know from experts how bad air is affecting pregnant women and children. We will also learn how to protect ourselves from this suffocating air.


According to Dr. Tripat Chaudhary, Gynecologist and Obstetrician of Fortis La Fame Hospital, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, air pollution is very dangerous for pregnant women and children in their wombs. Pregnancy is the period of development of the fetus and during this time it is sensitive to the environment. Air pollution has a bad effect on the child from pregnancy till 2 years after birth. If women come in contact with poisonous air during pregnancy, then the functioning of the lungs of the unborn child may decrease and problems related to respiratory diseases and asthma may arise from birth. Due to air pollution, the child's weight may decrease and his immune system may become weak. Air pollution harms the lung development of the fetus. Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy severely affects the organ development of babies in the womb and can cause many problems right from birth. The respiratory system of pregnant women also suffers serious damage due to pollution.

How should pregnant women protect themselves?
Dr. Tripat Chaudhary says that pregnant women should not go out early in the morning these days. Whenever you go out, use an N-95 mask. Women should keep their lifestyle better during pregnancy. Smoking during pollution can be very dangerous and can cause a double attack on the lungs. In such a situation, it is beneficial to stay away from smoking completely. Doing exercises and yoga to strengthen the lungs can also prove beneficial. If possible, use an air freshener inside the house.

Pollution is dangerous for babies too
According to Dr. Awadhesh Ahuja, Senior Consultant, Neonatology Department, Fortis La Fame, poisonous air causes serious harm to the health of newborn babies. Newborn babies breathe 2-3 times faster than an adult. Polluted air goes directly into their lungs and causes infection. These days, many children are coming to the hospital with complaints like cough, cold, fast breathing, watery eyes, red eyes, and asthma. The number of children suffering from these diseases has increased significantly after the increase in pollution. In the coming days, people will have to take special care of children.


Take special care of small children like this
Dr. Awadhesh Ahuja says that to avoid poisonous air, keep infants and children indoors as much as possible. It would be better if you reduce running and playing outside. Make sure to get regular vaccinations done. Many fatal diseases can be avoided by this. If symptoms like cough, cold or difficulty in breathing appear, contact the doctor immediately. Use incense and incense sticks at home in another room where children are not present. Do not use it where dust has accumulated in carpets and curtains. If anyone in the house has a cold or cough, then stay away from the newborn baby or always wear a mask. Take the baby out of the house only at the time of vaccination.
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