Air Pollution: Increasing pollution can be very dangerous for health, keep these things in mind for protection...


Air Pollution: In Thailand's capital Bangkok, about 2 lakh people have been admitted to the hospital in the last week, do you know the reason for this? Pollution... Yes, the level of pollution has increased so much there that people are having difficulty in breathing. The reason for this is the smoke coming out of industries, vehicles, and the bad crops burnt in the fields.


According to the Public Health Ministry, about 1.3 million people fell ill in three months due to air pollution. Out of which 2 lakh people have been admitted to the hospital in the last week. Which is worrying. Given this serious situation, the Health Ministry has appealed to the people to wear N-95 masks. At the same time, children and women have been advised not to leave their homes.

There is a need to be serious about pollution, otherwise, it can become a serious threat to everyone whether adults or children. So it is important to know about the effects of pollution on health and how to protect yourself from it.

People's age is decreasing due to air pollution
Today many countries of the world are struggling with air pollution. America's Chicago University said in its annual Air Quality Life Index that the age of people in India is decreasing by 5 years due to air pollution. Whereas in the world this figure is 2.2 years. India is the most polluted country in the world after Bangladesh.

Pollution has more effect on these people
- Heart-Lung Patient

- pregnant women

- Senior Citizen

- children under 14

Health effects of air pollution
- Increase in heart disease

- weakness of the lungs

- the phenomenon of age

- increased risk of asthma

- eye irritation

- effect on the mind

- Skin problems

How to avoid pollution
Avoid going in traffic areas.

Do not do outdoor exercise or yoga in the morning.

Check pollution level from mobile.

Keep your distance from smoking.

Take Vitamin C in the diet.


Use the exhaust fan inside the kitchen and in the washroom.

If possible, install an air purifier in the house.

- Wear a mask while going out.

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