Air Pollution: Air pollution can become fatal for your hair and skin, protect yourself with these tips..


Air Pollution: The problem of air pollution is increasing. Because of this, people have to face many terrible diseases like asthma, lung cancer, etc. But do you know that air pollution can also affect your skin and hair?


Due to pollution, problems like hair fall, breakage, dandruff, and dry scalp can occur. Also, its effect on the skin can appear in the form of acne, dark spots, wrinkles, etc. Therefore, it is important to take care of your lungs as well as them. Let us know some tips with the help of which you can protect your hair and skin from damage caused by pollution.

Protect your hair from pollution with these tips
Wash hair

Going out every day causes dirt to accumulate in the hair due to pollution. Due to this, problems like itching, dandruff, and fungal infections can occur in the hair. Therefore, wash your hair with shampoo every two or three days.

Keep hair covered
While going out, keep your hair covered so that no dirt gets accumulated in your hair due to pollution. For this, you can use a scarf, dupatta, or cap. This will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating in your hair.

Use hair serum
Applying serum on wet hair is very beneficial in protecting hair from pollution. Hair serum makes your hair strong as well as smooth. One or two drops of it are enough to strengthen the hair. It also reduces the problem of hair fall.

Hair mask
The hair mask is a great option to reduce the damage caused by pollution on hair. For this, you can also take the help of keratin treatment or make a hair mask at home and apply it. This will strengthen the hair and the damage caused by pollution can also be reduced.

Protect your skin from pollution in this way

Wash your face hands and feet thoroughly after coming from outside. While washing your face, keep in mind that use a face wash that does not dry out your face.

Sunscreen protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It also helps in reducing the ill effects of pollution on your skin. Therefore, always use sunscreen before going out.

Retinol and Vitamin C
Both of these can help in reducing the problem of aging caused by pollution. The possibility of wrinkles increases due to pollution. Therefore, Vitamin C and Retinol can be used. Anti-aging properties are found in both of them. However, keep in mind that do not use retinol and vitamin C together.


Face mask
A clay mask is the best option to clean the dirt accumulated in the skin pores. It cleanses your skin, making it less prone to damage due to pollution. Apart from this, you can also use salicylic acid. Besides, it also reduces the problem of acne caused due to pollution.
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