Acne Scar Treatment: These 10 home remedies will lighten the ugly scars of acne


It is very common to have acne on the face. There can be many reasons for this. This happens to some people because of oily skin, while others get pimples on their faces due to dead skin. Sometimes wrong eating habits also become the cause of acne. But acne spoils the entire beauty of the face and if it leaves scars as it goes, then it becomes even more of a problem because acne scars go away with great difficulty and sometimes we do not like to see them on the face for a long time. It becomes a compulsion. 

In such a situation, we learned some home remedies from beauty expert PoonamChugh to lighten the spots and blemishes of acne. Poonam says, 'You will find many beauty products in the market, which can lighten the acne spots, but you can treat it for free and remove the acne spots with the things present in the kitchen at home. Can lighten the spots. 

Aloe vera gel 

The first thing is that aloe vera gel has antibacterial properties, so if you have the problem of acne in your skin, then using aloe vera gel will reduce it. Otherwise, it is rich in Vitamin C, which lightens the blemishes and spots on the skin. The good thing is that aloe vera gel also has moisturizing properties, so the skin neither looks too oily nor dry. You can mix aloe vera gel in rose water and apply it to your face. 


Potato is also anti-scar. You can apply it directly on the face or grate it extract its juice and mix apple cider vinegar in it and apply it on the face. Yes, if your skin remains dry, then you should mix some honey in potato juice. Both have bleaching properties and this mixture will remove the spots and blemishes on your skin and will also not let it become dry. You can apply potato juice on your face and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and then wash your face. 

Lemon juice 

Never apply lemon juice directly on the skin. Experts say that lemon contains citric acid, which peels off the upper layer of the skin and can cause damage to the skin. That means direct use of lemon juice will increase other skin-related problems. You can mix lemon juice with rose water, aloe vera gel, honey or orange juice and apply it on your face. This will lighten the spots and blemishes on your face and will also give a unique glow to your face. 

Orange peel powder 

Dry the orange peels and then make their powder. Mix rose water in this powder and then gently scrub the spots on your face with it. You can prepare this scrub with milk too. If your skin is oily then you should also mix 2 drops of lemon juice in it because this can control the extra oil from the skin. 


Turmeric is very beneficial for the skin in every way. It has bleaching and healing properties. If you have pimples on your face, you can apply turmeric paste on it. Not only this, if you mix turmeric in milk, aloe vera gel, rose water, gram flour etc. and apply it on the spots and blemishes, they will also become lighter. However, turmeric is antibiotic, antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. With this many skin-related problems can be reduced. 

Coconut oil 

Coconut oil is also no less than a boon for the skin. If you have any kind of blemishes or a layer of dead skin on your face, you can remove it with two drops of coconut oil. Acne scars also go away with coconut oil. You can apply coconut oil directly on the face. If you want, you can also mix a pinch of turmeric in coconut oil. With this, if you have any kind of infection in your skin, you will get relief from that also. 


Tomato juice also contains Vitamin C in abundance. If you have old acne spots on your face, then cut the tomato into two parts and then dip the middle part in coffee powder and scrub the face gently with it. Sometimes acne gets cured, but dead skin remains at that place and it looks like a stain, you can remove it with this remedy. 


Honey has bleaching and moisturizing properties. You can apply it directly on the face. Not only this, if you mix a little turmeric in honey and apply it on the pimples, the spots and blemishes will start fading. Not only this, dryness of the skin will also go away with it. 

Baking soda 

Baking soda exfoliates the skin. Mix it in rose water and apply it to the spots and blemishes on your face. Wash your face after 10 minutes. This remedy will also reduce the spots and blemishes. 


You can tone your face daily with milk. If your skin is oily then you should tone it with cooked milk and those with dry skin should tone it with raw milk. This also reduces the blemishes and spots on the skin. Milk can naturally exfoliate the skin. 

Note- Before using any of the above-mentioned remedies on your skin, you must do a skin patch test. 

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