AC water: Can utensils be washed with AC water or is there any harm to health, it is important to clear the confusion...


AC water for kitchen use: Neither a fan nor a cooler can do the work of AC. Its coolness is something else altogether. Especially in humid weather, AC helps a lot. Those who have an air conditioner in their house understand how difficult it is to survive without it. When the AC is on, cold air comes out from its front, but have you noticed that water keeps dripping from its outdoor unit?


Anyone who has seen it dripping must have wondered whether this water is clean or can be used for anything or not? So the answer is yes, AC water can be used for many things. Water can also be used to water plants or flush toilets.

To save huge amounts of water, you can also wash kitchen utensils with this AC water. AC condensate water may contain bacteria and metals but it can be easily used for washing purposes like washing utensils and floors.

However, it is advisable that whenever you clean kitchen utensils with it, wash the utensils again with clean water at the end.

Many people have this question in their mind why does it keep dripping? So today we give you information about it. The water coming out of AC is also called ‘AC condensate water’. AC has one hot and one cold coil, and the process of evaporation and condensing passes through it. Due to this, the coil gets cooled, and the cooling spreads directly throughout your room.


When hot air contacts the cold coil, water is formed around it. This happens due to the moisture present in the air, and this water then starts flowing out through the pipe.
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