AC Tips: These 5 tips will help you to reduce AC electricity bill, just keep these things in mind..


Whether it is summer or humidity, it is very hot in one moment and it becomes very humid in the next moment. This unforgiving weather is also increasing our electricity bills, thanks to the air conditioner. Air conditioners are being used 24/7 to get relief from rising electricity bills and at the end of the month.


Some people try to reduce their AC usage to save money, but they compromise on cooling. If you also depend on your AC to protect yourself from the sun but are also worried about the bill, then we are going to tell you some methods using which you can reduce such bills to a great extent.

Set the right temperature
It is generally believed that setting the AC to a minimum temperature cools the room quickly. Well, it is not true. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency recommends maintaining the AC at 24 degrees, which is considered ideal for the human body. Reducing the temperature by one unit increases electricity usage by 6 percent. So instead of making your room a Shimla, try to keep your AC between 20-24 degrees.

Take care of the AC filter
Be it a window AC or a split AC, the condenser of the machine is always installed outside, in a window, or on the wall. Over time, even dust from inside the home can clog the filter. These clogged filters affect the cooling, causing the machine to consume more electricity to cool the room. To save money and improve cooling, clean your AC filter regularly.

Turn on the fan
If yours is cooling less then you can turn on your fan. Turning the fan on at medium speed will help circulate cool air throughout the room. In such a situation, you can switch it off for some time after the room cools down. By turning on the fan, the room will cool down faster and the electricity bill will also be reduced significantly.

Keep doors and windows closed
To maintain the cooling of your AC, it is always advised to close the doors, windows, and any other openings through which cold air can escape from the room. Leaving windows or doors open while the AC is running will increase power consumption as the AC will have to work harder to cool the space.


Start timer
To save electricity and ensure restful sleep, use the timer function on your AC. Before going to bed, set a timer to automatically turn off the AC after 1 or 2 hours when the room is cool enough. This reduces power usage at night and eliminates the need to wake up to manually switch off the AC.
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