Aadhaar Card Update: How to update your Aadhaar while sitting at home, free facility available till June 14..


Updating an Aadhaar card is now easier than ever. Until a few months ago there was no need for an Aadhaar update, but now the government has said that if your Aadhaar card is more than 10 years old or has not been updated even once in 10 years, then you will have to update your Aadhaar card. Will have to update. The Aadhaar update facility is free till June 14 and after that money may have to be paid. Let us know how you can update your Aadhaar card for free sitting at home…


Documents required through Aadhaar update
You will need two important documents for the Aadhaar update. First identity card and second address proof. Usually, a fee of Rs 50 is charged at the Aadhaar center for an Aadhaar update, but according to UIDAI, this service is free till June 14.

-How to update demographic details of Aadhaar online

-Go to the UIDAI website from a mobile or laptop.

-Now login through OTP by entering the Aadhaar number.

-After that click on document update and verify.


-Now upload the scanned copy of your Identity Card and Address Proof from the drop list below.

-Now click on submit. After this you will get a request number and the form will be submitted.

-With the request number, you will also be able to check the status of the update.
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